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Abolish Legal Plunder-End the Empire-Restore Free Enterprise

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Tim Kaine:  economic illiterate 

Tim Kaine reveals he is another economic illiterate in the US Senate who may be the next vice president of the Untied States.  His statement  that the federal government “creates” jobs is absolute nonsense.  He also states: “We will make college debt free for everybody. We’ll rewrite the rules so companies share profits with workers rather than ship jobs overseas.”  In other words, more entitlements and more economic fascism.  He also wants, “paid family leave, equal pay for women and raising the minimum wage to a living wage ‘to keep families together and to bring them out of the shadows.’ ”  He and Hillary are economic authoritarians.  

“Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, while introducing running mate Tim Kaine in Florida, slammed Donald Trump and last week’s Republican National Convention as painting a dismal picture of America’s future.”

Source: Clinton Promises With Kaine: We Will Make the Future Better

Why Obama’s half-brother says he’ll be voting for Donald Trump

Cannot wait for the tv ad.

‘President Obama’s Kenyan half-brother wants to make America great again — so he’s voting for Donald Trump. “I like Donald Trump because he speaks from the heart,” Malik Obama told The Post”

Source: Why Obama’s half-brother says he’ll be voting for Donald Trump

The Real Reason the “Rich Get Richer”

I have know this for more than 40 years.  The chickens are coming home to roost.  If Bernie had talked about the Federal Reserve, he would be the nominee.  Ditto for Rand Paul. 

“Time the Taskmaster DUBLIN – “Today’s money,” says economist George Gilder, “tries to cheat time. And you can’t do that.” It may not cheat time, but it cheats far easier marks – consumers, invest…”

Source: The Real Reason the “Rich Get Richer”

Chaos coming to the Philadelphia love fest? 

Bernie’s people may upstage the carefully staged Hillary/Kaine coronation.  Fasten to your seat belts.

Source: Democratic Party Backs Cheating, Lying, and Stealing | Let’s Try Democracy

Martial Law Coming? | Scott Adams’ Blog

Stranger things have happened in America. 


Source: Martial Law Coming? | Scott Adams’ Blog

Why is Chris Christie apparently balking at the latest compromise?

Governor Christie should get on board with the latest proposal to fund the Transportation Trust Fund and provide much needed tax relief to the people of New Jersey. Is this a “perfect” compromise?  No.  But we need funds to fix our roads and bridges, lower taxes and lower spending and fewer regulations.  The governor should work on the last two goals ASAP.  Instead of focusing on Trump’s presidential campaign, he should do what he was elected to do–govern.  If he is preoccupied with the presidential campaign, he should resign.  


“Senate and Assembly Democratic leaders announced a new compromise Friday for raising the gas tax.”

Source: 7 things you need to know about latest gas tax plan to end N.J. road work shutdown

Libertarians debate Trump

Who would Mr. Libertarian, the late Murray Rothbard, have supported for president this year?

Source: Raico on Rothbard

‘Trump supporters rising up, disgusted with elites, no trust in media’ — RT Op-Edge

“The story of Trump’s rise in popularity in the US is that grassroots Republicans and conservatives are turning their backs on the old Beltway shibboleths, like ‘American exceptionalism’, explains Ron Paul Institute executive director Daniel McAdams.”

Source: ‘Trump supporters rising up, disgusted with elites, no trust in media’ — RT Op-Edge

The Clintons checked all the boxes to pick Kaine as their VP

The Clintons are savvy political operators.  They checked the following “boxes” and Kaine became Hillary’s running mate.  To see where Sen. Kaine stands on the issues, visit

  • White
  • Male
  • Catholic
  • Spanish speaker
  • Popular Senator of important electoral state
  • Pro Second Amendment favoring “commons sense” gun restrictions
  • Pro life but votes pro choice
  • Unequivocal supporter of welfare state
  • Supports managed trade deals
  • Perennially insider—council member, mayor, lieutenant governor, governor and senator
  • Pro military intervention as long as Congress is consulted and approves
  • Will not upstage Hillary and will be an obedient second banana

“Hillary Clinton chose her running partner Friday evening.”

Source: Hillary Clinton chooses Sen. Tim Kaine as her running mate

AEI neocon pushes for US global intervention

The 20th century experienced two horrific world wars because nations–organized criminal gangs–formed alliances.  Our alliances could cause another one in Europe an/or in Asia, again. 

“If there is one positive thing to be said about Donald Trump’s interview with The New York Times, it’s that the American public will not have to wait to see what his views about foreign and defense…”

Source: Donald Trump’s world: Part 3 – AEI | Foreign and Defense Policy Blog » AEIdeas

I did not want to start today’s posts with such a gruesome story…

…but readers need to see why our intervention in the Middle East is despicable, and so is the behavior of who the people the Obama administration is supporting.

Source: US-Backed Syrian ‘Moderates’ Behead 12-Year-Old – Consortiumnews

It’s Tim Kaine

Hillary picks Sen. Tim Kaine, a Spanish speaking white male, Jesuit trained from VA. In other words, Hillary chooses a candidate that could help with Hispanic voters and not turn off white male voters. and help her win VA. However, he is in favor of NAFTA and other managed trade agreements.

More evidence of another bubble

“Rising asset prices stoke worries about bubbles forming.”

Source: Ex-Fed Official, Worried About Bubbles, Warns of U.S. Downturn – Bloomberg

Excellent roundup of what happened in Cleveland

The Trumps are left leaning middle-of-the roaders.  One of Trump’s ideas that is resonating with some libertarians is his skepticism of foreign intervention.

Source: Target Liberty: Crazed Neocons Aren’t Always Wrong….

San Francisco Review of Books: Socialism Destroyed

Robert Wenzel reviews Tom DiLorenzo’s new book.

Source: San Francisco Review of Books: Socialism Destroyed