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Abolish Legal Plunder-End the Empire-Restore Free Enterprise

End-of-Year Update

New Jersey:

Bridgegate: I live one mile south of the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee where the notorious three-tollbooth lanes designated for local traffic were restricted to only one for a few days in early September.   Traffic in Fort Lee was horrendous.  Gov. Christie asserted that these three tollbooths were used only for Fort Lee residents. This is a gross mischaracterization of the traffic going to the bridge during rush hour.  Motorists from Fort Lee, Cliffside Park, Fairview, Edgewater, Guttenberg and probably other communities use that particular entrance to the GW.

What were Port Authority officials thinking when they restricted access to the bridge claiming they were conducting a traffic study to see the impact of closing two lanes?

Transportation studies can be conducted using a computer simulation to determine the effects of the lane closures without disrupting the actual traffic of an area being analyzed. In short, there was no need to close two of the lanes. Whatever the motives were of Messrs. Wildstein and Baroni, two smart Christie appointed officials who resigned in the wake of this brouhaha, the fact is politicians should not run key sectors of the economy.  Why? Because their motives and goals are much different than managers of businesses who have to satisfy shareholders or risk their own capital.

The bottom line is very simple government should get out of the transportation businessAt the very least, transportation professionals not political appointees should be making decisions about the use of bridges, tunnels and highways.

Tuition EqualityGov. Christie recently signed the bill giving children of illegal aliens the right to pay in-state tuition at state supported institutions of higher learning. This has upset some New Jerseyans who feel this is rewarding illegal immigration.

This is yet another example of why state colleges and universities should become financially independent.  If all institutions of higher learning did not receive taxpayer funds, then each institution would set its own policy regarding what to charge tuition to children of illegal aliens.

As far as Gov. Christie’s support for tuition equality, it may hurt his putative run for presidency in 2016. In the grand scheme of things, tuition equality is one of the least important issues facing the nation. The more important issues are war and peace, the Federal Reserve, taxation, regulations, healthcare, and the size and scope of the federal government.  Illegal immigration may get some peoples’ blood pressure up, but in the final analysis, we will be facing more financial crises in the future if the federal government does not get its fiscal house in order and the Federal Reserve keeps enabling the Congress to spend money it doesn’t have.

If Gov. Christie becomes a presidential candidate, he will have to address these issues and demonstrate whether he supports crony capitalism, a bloated federal budget, the Federal Reserve’s legal counterfeiting and an interventionist foreign policy.  If Gov. Christie is the second or third or fourth coming of another failed neoconservative presidential candidacy, then a strong third-party candidacy may emerge to challenge both the big government Democrats and big government Republicans in 2016.

Murder and Carjackings:

The murder of a young attorney at the Short Hill Mall by four allegedly carjackers is a sobering lesson for the people of New Jersey. We are defenseless outside our homes and apartments because it is virtually impossible to obtain a concealed carry permit in the state of New Jersey.

This is not to say that everyone should or must carry a firearm to protect himself and his loved ones in public. But responsible firearm owners should have that choice in a society where some sociopaths show no value for human life.  Why legislators and their allies in the so-called gun control community have such disregard for human life is astonishing. There ethic boils down to one proposition: it apparently is better for innocence to be targets then have the ability to protect themselves from these marauding murderers.

As far as the proper punishment for these alleged murderers, I no longer believe in capital punishment. The proper punishment for individuals who commit capital crimes such as murder, armed robbery, armed carjacking, brutal assaults, rape and other heinous crimes is deportation to the farthest ends of the Earth.  There would be no need for prisons costing taxpayers $20-$40,000 per year per prisoner to keep them fed, housed and clothed.  Taxpayers, especially victims of crime, should not be punished once or twice for the egregious acts of violent criminals. It is time to reconsider the proper punishment for the sociopaths among us.

The Federal Government:

We are witnessing the last chapter or chapters in the welfare-warfare state experiment.  The recent budget deal crafted by Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Murray is another example of bipartisan “head in the sand” deal making regarding the federal government’s fiscal policies. We desperately need to debate the proper role of government in a free society. Instead, the Republicans who claim to be great champions of limited government and free enterprise, are really nothing more than caretakers of the welfare-warfare state.  In other words, electing get along (moderate) Republicans to Congress will not change the status quo.

The hundredth anniversary of the Federal Reserve came and went, and at Ben Bernanke’s last news conference none of the reporters asked the outgoing chairman of the Fed is he proud of the fact that his policies literally stole hundreds of billions of dollars of interest from seniors and other savers who keep substantial funds in banks across America?  Why no one asked the really tough question, why the Federal Reserve has undertaken the greatest transfer of wealth from Main Street to Wall Street in American history?  The chairman’s answer would have been revealing, to say the least.

In addition, we should have a thorough review of the Federal Reserve’s policies to determine how it creates the cycle of boom and bust.  People can start by viewing the documentary, The Federal Reserve:  100 Years of Boom and Bust available on YouTube,

Obamacare is the nightmare that free market economists predicted it would become. This is yet another example why government should get out of healthcare completely and leave it to the people to arrange their healthcare needs through voluntary exchange. That means the private sector and nonprofit sector must be given the freedom to meet the American peoples needs.

In 2015, the 50th anniversary of both Medicare and Medicaid, would be an ideal time to reflect on these financially unsustainable programs.

On the international scene, the warmongers in both parties are whooping it up for an attack on Iran, a nation that poses no threat to America nor has it issued threats against the American people.  People of goodwill across the political spectrum must say no to the proponents of military intervention who keep asserting that there are numerous nations around the globe that are threat to the American people’s security.

The truth of the matter is presidents for more than 100 years have lied to the American people using every devious method to get us involved in wars. It is time to say no to the military industrial complex that seeks to maintain and expand America’s overseas empire. Like all nations that engaged in empire building in the past, maintaining troops around the world in the name of national security is not only financially unsustainable but also morally reprehensible.

In the final analysis, statism is a failed philosophy.  Liberty and free enterprise create prosperity not the Federal Reserve’s printing press nor the federal government’s spending.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Dump Your Vitamins? Not so fast says Dr. Glenn Gero.

Physicians are recommending that individuals stop taking vitamins in an attempt to prove their health.  I asked Dr. Glenn Gero who is one of New Jersey’s most knowledgeable nutirition experts for his comments.

A poorly orchestrated research study is worse than no study at all.

There is no standardization as to the quality of the supplements taken by the participants of the studies. Nutrients are complexes and must be taken as comprehensive complexes. For example, vitamin E is not d-alpha tocopherol or dl-alpha tocopherol. Vitamin E is a complex of alpha, beta, delta and gamma tocopherols and mixed tocotrienols. Carotenoids are a grouping of hundreds of phyto nutrients and are not just beta carotene; Vitamin C contains bioflavonoids, hesperin and rutin and isn’t merely ascorbic acid. When nutrients are fractionalized and isolated they become drug-like and can manifest negative reactions when taken inappropriately.

Additionally, most store bought multi-vitamins and supplements contain unhealthy fillers, excibients, artificial colors, heavy metal toxins (such as aluminum, as in Centrum), and toxic capsule materials. These are the supplements that are being measured.

When I addressed a director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) about their poorly conducted research studies, his comment was that it would be too costly to conduct studies the way that I had recommended. In other words, in his opinion, ad hominem research is “good enough.”

Let’s put things in perspective: If the equivalent of one jumbo jet with 300 passengers crashed each day of the year, killing all aboard, how many individuals would venture unto an airliner? This amounts to just over 100,000 lives lost every year. Almost exactly equivalent to the number of deaths related pharmaceutical drugs taken as prescribed.

(The statistic of the fatalities associated with prescription drugs was cited in the Journal of the American Medical Association.   The actual number was 106,000 in hospital settings. This does not include others affected who were not hospital bound. The actual number may have been double.)

The deaths associated with quality nutritional supplements are about zero.

Why isn’t the media expounding the risks of pharmaceutical drugs? Could it be because of the revenues they generate for television, radio, the internet and the print media?

Dr. Glenn B. Gero, N.D., D.Sc., M.Sc., R.H. (AHG), M.E.S., C.L.C.
Board-certified Naturopathic Doctor
Registered Herbalist – American Herbalist Guild
Medical/Corrective Exercise Specialist


The Federal Reserve: 100 Years of Boom and Bust

My opening remarks:
Welcome to the world premiere of the Federal Reserve: 100 Years of Boom and Bust. I’m Murray Sabrin professor of finance in the Anisfield School of business.

This project began in September 2012 and the final edit was just completed. I bring this up because it only takes nine months to have a baby. Hopefully this baby will be just as adorable as a newborn.

Before we view the documentary, I’d like to put 1913 in historical perspective.

1913 was, in many ways, one of the most extraordinary years in American history. In fact, according to one analyst a revolution took place in 1913.

1913 began with the ratification of the 16th amendment, which gives the federal government authority to tax the income of the American people directly. We will explore the income tax on April 17 next year at a symposium I will moderate. So save the date April 17 at 7p.m. in the Trustee’s Pavilion.

In April of 1913 the 17th amendment to the Constitution was ratified ending the selection of US senators by state legislatures. Now the U.S. Senators would be elected directly by the people.

And on December 23 President Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act giving the United States a permanent central bank. All these events took place at the end of what is known as the Progressive Era, a time of supposedly great reforms to benefit the common man. Half a century ago historian Gabriel Kolko challenged the orthodox view in his trailblazing book, The Triumph of Conservatism. Kolko argued that the progressive era was in reality a time when big business interests used the power of the federal government for their own benefit at the expense of the general public.

One of the last so-called reforms of the era was the creation of the Federal Reserve.

In short, the revolution of 1913 shifted power from individuals, communities and states to the federal government and its powerful allies in the private sector. Hence, the Progressive Era expanded crony capitalism in America.

The documentary, the Federal Reserve: 100 Years of Boom Bust, explores the impact of the Fed on the US economy for the past century.

I hope you enjoy the documentary and I would be happy to take a few questions after we view tonight’s presentation.


Minute with Murray, Nov. 7

Chris Christie’s landslide.

Read it and weep

The following letter to the editor was published in response to my letter.  The collectivist mindset is deeply embedded in the American people.

Constitution supports government programs

Regarding “We must end the welfare state” (Your Views, Nov. 3):

Ramapo College Professor Murray Sabrin’s suggestion that we should phase out the “welfare” state undermines the intent of the U.S. Constitution. The Founding Fathers specifically stated in the preamble the intent “to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense [and] promote the general welfare.”

Hence, the Constitution is intended (among other things) to promote the general “welfare” of all the people, not just those with wealth and privilege. Promoting the general welfare includes funding public education and public projects to benefit everyone. That includes funding roads and bridges, police and other first responders and protecting our food, water and natural environment.

It also justifies Social Security, unemployment insurance, Medicare and a public policy to promote full employment.

Ed Morley
Glen Rock

For a moral federal budget

The following letter appeared in The Record on November 3.

We must end the welfare state

Regarding “For an economically and morally sound federal budget,” (Other Views, Oct. 31):

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., correctly criticizes President George W. Bush’s invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, which were supported by bipartisan votes in Congress.

Instead of having the American people pay for these unnecessary, immoral invasions of countries that were no threat to the American people, the Bush administration and both Democrats and Republicans in Congress decided to borrow every dollar, as much as $6 trillion, to continue our interventionist foreign policy.

But on the domestic front, self-proclaimed democratic socialist Sanders trots out the same, worn mantra, namely, that tax cuts are a “giveaway” to the rich. Tax cuts for everyone should be welcomed because they allow people to keep the fruits of their labor, a fundamental principle of economic freedom. In addition, Sanders asserts that the federal budget “creates” jobs. This is another myth of both the left and others who believe that federal spending is manna from heaven.

Although we see people hired because of government spending, we do not see the people who were not hired because of higher taxes and increased borrowing, which shifts resources from the private to the public sector. In short, government spending cannot create sustainable jobs.

I agree with Sanders that we need to develop a moral budget that makes good economic sense. That means phasing out the welfare-warfare state as soon as possible. Bringing U.S. troops home from around the world can end the warfare state virtually overnight. The welfare state can be phased out over the next 10 to 20 years, which would create a culture of personal responsibility and economic freedom instead of the massive redistribution of income caused by the Federal Reserve and federal spending programs.

Murray Sabrin

Fort Lee, Oct. 31

The benefits of Conger LH

The latest video testimonial about Conger, the world’s first Lubrihibitor.


Press Release

Free Enterprise for Economic and Financial Literacy

The World's First Lubrihibitor

The World’s First Lubrihibitor


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Cuba part three, Cuban-U.S. relations: end the embargo now

Carlos Alzugaray, a former Cuban ambassador to the European Union, was our last lecturer in Havana.  A professor at the University of Havana, Dr. Alzugaray was a long time diplomat, who served in many countries during his 37-year career, called for “normal relations” between the two neighbors, the world’s greatest superpower and the small island nation that “is not a threat to the United States or its people.”


Federal Reserve 100th anniversary documentary screening

To attend the screening of the documentary, The Federal Reserve: 100 Years of Boom and Bust. see the poster below.

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